If you are a Trucking Company
Looking for CDL Drivers..

If you are a Trucking Company Looking
for CDL Drivers..

..watch this 1-minute video & Get
Unlimited CDL Drivers

Get Unlimited CDL Drivers

Our clients have a constant flow of CDL Drivers by getting applications every day through our targeted Facebook & Instagram ads.
For over 10 years we’ve been working with 150+ trucking companies helping them get Targeted & Qualified CDL Drivers to apply specifically for the job position at their company.

If I promise you dozens of CDL Drivers daily, would you jump on a quick 5-minute call with me? 

Some of our Clients' Successes

Astra Freight INC

For our client Astra Freight we managed to get to $5.30 Cost per application which is pretty cheap for an Owner-Operator because they usually go around $7, $8, or even $10 per application.

Astra Freight hires at least 2 owner-ops monthly.

AY Trucking LLC

Another of our clients – AY Trucking were looking for company drivers. We got drivers to apply to work specifically for the job position at their company at the rate of around $3.50 per application.

AY Trucking hires at least 4 company drivers monthly.

Amero Line LLC

For the past two years, we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating closely with AmeroLine, a valued client in the trucking industry. Together, we’ve successfully sourced lease-purchase drivers, achieving outstanding results with a thriving $2.60 cost per application

Amero Line hires at least 3 lease-purchase drivers monthly.

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