If you are a Trucking Company
Looking for CDL Drivers..

If you are a Trucking Company Looking
for CDL Drivers..

..watch this 1-minute video & Get
Unlimited CDL Drivers

Get Unlimited CDL Drivers

Our clients have a constant flow of CDL Drivers by getting applications every day through our targeted Facebook & Instagram ads.
For over 10 years we’ve been working with 150+ trucking companies helping them get Targeted & Qualified CDL Drivers to apply specifically for the job position at their company.

Click the button below, and we guarantee you’ll receive tons of qualified and filtered CDL Drivers every day.

Some of our Clients' Successes

Astra Freight INC

For our client Astra Freight we managed to get to $5.30 Cost per application which is pretty cheap for an Owner-Operator because they usually go around $7, $8, or even $10 per application.

Astra Freight hires at least 2 owner-ops monthly.

AY Trucking LLC

Another of our clients – AY Trucking were looking for company drivers. We got drivers to apply to work specifically for the job position at their company at the rate of around $3.50 per application.

AY Trucking hires at least 4 company drivers monthly.

Amero Line LLC

For the past two years, we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating closely with AmeroLine, a valued client in the trucking industry. Together, we’ve successfully sourced lease-purchase drivers, achieving outstanding results with a thriving $2.60 cost per application

Amero Line hires at least 3 lease-purchase drivers monthly.

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